Save Trees, Clean the Environment, Install Clean Energy, have a Green Earth & a Happy Life

Focus Areas

Save Water

Scientifically, there is a finite volume of water on earth. Thus each drop of water matters, we focus on conservation, preservation & recycling water systems for smallscale & largescale settings.

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We create capacity for gainful Electronic Waste Management(EWM), convenient plastic collection, recycling and profitable disposal of the same. With a safe environment in mind.

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Save Forests

We support technical efforts to protect water towers, afforestation, re-afforestation, responsible logging practices and their alternatives, while discouraging deforestation locally.

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Clean Energy

Offering technical capacity & consultancy services in the renewable energy sector to encourage establishment of mini-grids & utility scale power plants of photovoltaic/solar panels & anaerobic bio digesters as HSEVs & IGUs.

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We create awareness through development and deployment of innovative platforms on Weather & Climate Information Services(WISER). The platforms help in collecting, collating & scientifically processing data into actionable information & projections.

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We support SDGs through the use of innovations and professional consultancies to help create solutions that enable individual projects combine a myriad of SDGs as concurrent deliverables through the new HSEVs as IGUs concept.

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Meet Our Team

Eng. Bundi Kotonya

Debbie Bosibori(CPA)

Ezra Okemwa

Steven Wilson

Our Philosophy

Each for All

Each corporate bears an inherent and inalienable responsibility to ensure a healthy planet for all its current and future clients, owners and staff


If organizations embrace the use of The Hybrid Social Enterprise Ventures as Income Generating Units approach in their businesses & campaigns, we will create synergy to protect the planet & support the SDGs

Professionals for the Earth

If each professional can mind his/her business and clean his backyard, the world will be too small a place to clean.

What people say

  • Finali G
    Miss World Kenya

    Nai Tech through Nai 4 Earth provides a brilliantly designed vehicle to tackle real climate problems through innovation and incorporation of professionals and corporates.

  • Dave Ogot
    Youth Go Green

    The Nai 4 Earth project has enabled us to reach out to a greater number of youth in West Pokot and its environs as pertains peace, livelihood promotions and climate change responsiveness.

  • MaryGee L
    Youth Leader

    The opportunity that this initiative by Nai 4 Earth is presenting to the youth is commendable and a lifetime chance to engage corporates in doing social good.

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